The Meeting Season 1 Finale!

Episode 5 of the hit series The Meeting is here!

ONIoN SOCIeTY's newest series The Meeting has just released their season 1 series finally. Follow Cletus and Erik as they attempt to salvage their carriers by making it to the meeting before it's too late. Upon losing all communication between the offices of Business Incorporated, LLC. and their three determined employees, the executives have been forced to postpone the shareholders meeting until these businessmen can be located. With the CEO's son also missing the stakes are high in this thrilling and action-packed roller coaster of a film!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on Season 2!

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"My corns and my beans," wow, you cannot get much better than this timeless quote from the Onion Society’s debut film Onion. Not much can be said about this successful piece of pure cinematic genius except that its writers sure know how to produce a riveting, story-filled movie that will not only entertain the masses but will also leave them in tears as well"

Stephan Fam of the Claremont Daily Chronicle


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